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Is this the right time to record the rock opera you've been putting off? Should you join that death metal bluegrass band? Check in every week with Margaret Santangelo's Rock Stars column.

An intense week blasts in on Monday with Mercury screeching to a halt and beginning its back track through Aries and, in short order, Pisces for the next three weeks. The signs ruled by Mercury: Gemini and Virgo will experience this influence most intensely.

Despite its terrible reputation, this retrograde of Mercury, the communication planet may actually bring positive influences regarding writing, publishing and creativity. Now is the time to review, revise and reassess.

It is possible to quickly settle open-ended issues that have dangled without resolution for some time. A grand trine A fortunate aspect formed by three planets, each is trine to the other two in earth signs mid-week accelerates the flow of energy between Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto.

Venus and Jupiter conjoin in Taurus Wednesday morning, bringing luck to income expansion, as well as the increase of savings, capital gains and investments.

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Mars trines Jupiter and then Pluto in succession on Wednesday morning and evening; creating a transformational vortex for accomplishing financial goals that enhance our independence and freedom. The power of this exact grand trine in earth elements at 9 degrees should be permitted to flow freely; the repression of these energies could precipitate potentially destructive effects.

Reckless behavior or unnecessary conflict on Saturday, St. Fun-loving and celebratory vibrations dominate throughout St. The week begins with Mercury turning retrograde in your Sun sign, Aries, and you could feel out-of-sorts, confused, or foggy; this week is not the best time for major decisions.

A grand trine in earth signs on Wednesday brings a free flow of energy between your professional aspirations and your financial goals. Moreover, Venus and Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, conjoin in Taurus in the house of cash and money, indicating that will be a very profitable year.

Just beware, Mars retrograde in indicates that unexpected tasks could arise with a previously completed project. This is a lucky week for Taureans, especially those born between April 29 and Venus and Jupiter come together in your sun sign, Taurus, on Wednesday. If you accept your desire to for financial growth, you have the means to transform your aspirations into a reality.

On Wednesday, the grand trine between Mars, Pluto, Venus, and Jupiter will impart free flowing energy to creative self-expression. A spiritual reassessment will assist with an important decision regarding a romance.

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Trust your intuition; you have insight into your deepest motivations right now. Drugged driver forces car onto airport tarmac. New laws are putting California further at odds with Trump.

Climate, California budget and more. Failed GOP candidate known for 'deportation bus' charged with insurance fraud.

Trump to US troops during 1st visit to combat zone. Trump says federal employees want the wall.

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Some say they just want their jobs back. US borders 'pushed to a breaking point': A year of disruption: The Trump presidency's top 5 pivotal moments of Defense Secretary Mattis to leave post earlier than expected, Trump says.

Pence canceled North Korea human rights speech with Trump admin concerned about talks.

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LEO January 2019. LAST Eclipse in LEO, Closes the CIRCLE and Completes IMPORTANT Events. LOVE Easier

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Diversions Bridge Puzzle 28 Dec March April 19 Certain rather painstaking individuals are asking what your intentions are over the coming weeks. May June 20 The eclipsed new moon in the most practical sign, Capricorn, triggers dramatic changes.

October November 21 While others are busily making plans based on their vision of an unchanging future, your instincts say plans should be flexible. You are signed up. We think you'd also like. Thank you You are on the list. Most Popular Viewed 1.

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